I wrote a paper based on the following. It was written better... Anyway:

Imagine a Venn Diagram. There's one circle with the title "My Truth." There's a second circle of equal proportions with the title "Their Truth." These circles are not touching. Both of the circles are inside a bigger circle entitled, "The Truth." I have my own opinions of myself. So does every single person that has met me. I can't possibly see myself from their perspective. Therefore, I do not have the same Truth that they have. But, both of these Truths make up who I am. Both of these Truths contribute to the The Truth that is me.

Anyway, the Truth of who I am varies at times but is fairly steady.

I think I am a decent person. I think I am overly sensitive. I think I can be smart but also horribly stupid. I'm willing to learn and work hard but I sometimes do the minimal amount of work to get by. Fortunately for me, my ****-poor attempts are almost always above average.

Animals are my passion in life. I feel so much for them it's not even funny. It's actually a little scary.

I love to read. I do not relate well to people that hate reading. I think they're missing out on something great.

I love to laugh. I have to have laughter in my life. I can find humor in almost anything. I will not be with someone that has no sense of humor. It just won't work. I know some girls say they want a sense of humor but really want a stud muffin... Well, I'd take the ugly humorous guy every single time.

Math makes me feel comfortable.

I think I'm a decent musician. I think I could be a whole hell of a lot better if I applied myself. I'm too self conscious to practice in front of people but I don't mind playing in front of an audience after weeks of practice.

I think at times I can be both too rational and too emotional.

I'm short and not that great looking but I think my personality makes up for my physical shortcomings. 

That's it.

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cool = )

I was just saying I didn't come up with the truth thing. And I don't think it's wrong. I quite liked the quote, my paper, and the venn diagram I came up with. I wouldn't change the name of the circles or put them together. It's great as it is.

especially when they are turned into mantras... then they often lose their meaning altogether

quotes can be wrong, I'm afraid

The whole truth thing came from a quote.

friends/people who think they know me

I think you should call those circles "perception" because truth is misleading. I also think a little bit of my perception circle lies outside of the truth and a large portion of the perceptions of my friends lies outside of the truth and that there isn't much overlap. It may be different for you, though.

I got an A and a note that said, "This was the best paper I've read all year."

I loved you paper, it is marvelous. But I have to add that you can never seem that different from what you are. so the circles "your truth" and "their truth" do have a common area.<br />
<br />
People are smarter than you think. They can figure out the core of us, like if you are honest, passionate, loving, ...<br />
<br />
What grade did you get for this paper?

Oooo i'll make fun of that too being 6'2" hahaha! :P<br />
<br />
But seriously, nice post! I like the venn diagram theory being a math student myself but still venn is a *****, hate it, especially when you have to solve probably problems by it..sucks..

Thanks. Yeah, I dunno, sometimes people make fun of my height even though I'm average... (5'4'').

Sounds to me like you are a decent person! Your Height<br />
is nothing to worry about, Geez, you love a laugh, reading, Maths and Animals...What more could you want?