I Dont Really Know

I've just filled out yet another application form, and made me CV even more amazing than it already is (and that is hard to do cos Im a kick-*** teacher who worked at some kick-*** places before I decided that was my career)

I've had to go through all my exam certificates, my uni stuff, my a-levels, my gcse's. On paper Im impressive. Im more proud of my degree than the others, just because of what I was going through at that time.

But that's just the academic me, the artist me. It's not really 'me'. To a point, my interests and degree make up for who I am, but not solely. As well as being an artist/teacher/overpaid graphic designer, Im also a person.

I care, too much sometimes. I worry. I love. I hate. I feel, again way too much. I do lots of things that you guys would never really know about and some things I would never be able to explain or understand myself.

I let my emotions control me sometimes. I  blame it on my greek roots, but I guess it's also the way I've been brought up. I have an awful temper, Im not nice when Im angry, but it takes ages for me to get angry or something really big.

And one thing, that someone said to me on here once before, I care for those who don't deserve it, for those who don't care enough about me. And I think that is my downfall because I do get hurt easily and more by those that I thought would care more than they do.

I am more than my schooling and education and my career.

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7 Responses Jan 21, 2009

I totally connect with you when you say "Im more proud of my degree than the others, just because of what I was going through at that time."<br />
<br />
Thanks for sharing.

Hey Mooooo.....just a thougt......when I get ugly angry, it usually means my blood sugar is low.....eat something at these times....it may help......cheers

One totally lovely story, mooo, just lovely. You are aces in my book!

Ah of course if the mug holder stops caring itself then it would be like spitting in the same cup you are drinking from! :P

Hmm, whatever who cares what comes from a coffee mug anyways??? :P

Wtf!!! Lil dude again!

You know you wrote that much..if I had to describe you in a word >> you rock!<br />
<br />
And the last line like I told you before >> We care for those we love and dont care for those who love us! its almost universal!