I Want to Be the Old Me.

I would say that I am a person that does not realize just how lucky and blessed he truly is.  I am a person that has forgotten how to enjoy life and just wallow in misery and grief from things that I can never change.  I am an anal jackass that just can not relax or let my guard down.  I am a person that has just given up on life, don't really give a **** about anything anymore.  I feel as though I am nothing, I am a failure.

I want to be happy again.

UnKundun UnKundun 36-40 4 Responses Jan 24, 2009

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I identify with the feeling. It is defined as "clinical depression." However, why do you feel that way? Has something happened? Or did it come upon you for no apparent reason? Its not your fault. You didn't choose this anymore than you chose a virus.

Either way, there is help for you to feel better. There is talk therapy, drugs or distraction. If you're young, you can start over.

I read a quote the other day.

Nobody can go back and start a new beginning,

but anyone can start today and make a new ending.

I like that. I had a good beginning. For a long time I seemed to know what to do and had a lot of hope for everything. Then the hope fizzled, my faith waned, and I took some wrong and self destructive turns. Now I am dealing with consequences, and as I look back on all the things that I cannot undo, I am beginning to realize that feeling bad now will just continue the patterns that got me here. I'm trying to get that old person back too. If you are nothing, a failure.... then what have you got to lose? Why is your guard up? I have noticed that a lot of pain feels like fear. I am too old and have come too far to keep feeling that way. What are we protecting? The walls we build to protect ourselves are the things which keep us in the dark. I'm sick of it. And if we got in, there must be a way out. I am saddened by your writing. I hope to be happy again. I want that for you too.

well life is not a bed of roses .. we all have good and bad days in our life and some time we feels that we only have the bad days in our all life and we did not enjoy the happiness of life bla bla..

i think and i believe bad days and good days are the color of life .. and i did not want to live happy always i am not a machine i have heart head and blood is running inside me so the good bad conditions always will affect me and naturally human being did not live happy in one condition forever.. we all need change . so the bad days come with a lesson so it up to us that what we want to learn.. ...

Dear friend UnKundun

we some time have over focus on our person life and we think that we are the only one who is the most sad person in whole world.. and we often stretch one picture on our whole life.. which is not fair.. u just see around u .. and hope u will be found people which are more sad and unhappy than u . .. just come out from ur shell and do not build walls around u.. life is urs and good life happy life is waiting cross the road just cross it and hug ur happy life .. do not wait .. and as MahsaTB

said life is short.. .. i would also like to add that life is so short we should not waste it and its so beautiful and precious we did not know whether we can see the sun of tommarow or not so why we just wasting our today in sorrows... u know change urself u will see that every thing is happy and healthy around u .. but be brave too life is life that. and we should learn to live with brokern hearts and wounded knees and feelings.. we have no option .. so live with smiling face and face the hard days of life with iron hands.. best of lukc..

take care


We never forget how to enjoy life, but sometimes we are so overwhelmed by the hardships and agony that surround us that we just see nothing joyful.

Don't be so hard on yourself, you can't punish yourself because you can't enjoy chocolates! Maybe today, it is not your favorite flavor.

Happiness has different meaning for different people. I am happy when I read a book or help someone. But some people are not happy unless they do something extra-ordinary.

Life is short and we don't have another shot at it. So try to make the best of the things you already have. pretend you are happy so at least your loved one would enjoy their life better!