Planet X Or Nibiru Same Thing It's A Blazing Hot Star Headed For Earth

This has five times the mass of Earth. It will have seventy pound rocks raining down on Earth travelling around 10 kilometers per second. We will be damaged. These are iron balls of hot fire. We will not be safe unless you are in an underground bunker. Five hundred miles wide of a wing span of trailing debris.

Anyone or any living creature on the surface will surely perish. The trillion 70 pound rocks that destroy everything in it's path as it's pounding our planet. We cannot survive.

Our tectonic plates will continue to be affected by this Planet X. The American coastlines will suffer. The West coast, The Golf Coast and East Coast are going to be destroyed. They say the tidal wives will be three miles high. This will swallow up millions of solid ground. Cities, towns, homes. Farms. Hotels, shopping plazas, supermarkets. Winds of 300 miles per hour will not allow anyone or anything to survive.

DUMB. The elite were told over fifty years ago that this thing was out there heading toward our sun and would require Deep Underground Military bases to survive. A costly construction and one that most of our planet's inhabitants could not get invited to.

There is a terrible and sad reality to this story. It is that most of us. Billions of us - all around the world will not live in the new year.

By the time we seen this planet in the sky near the sun it will already be too late. This has seven planets and it's own sun. This is testimony from a C.I.A insider who was allowed to audiotape this and broadcast it on YT. Anonymously of course. The C.I.A. is otherwise known as Murder Inc. in case you didn't know. You can believe it or not. We are in for major pole shift. We cannot live even in our basements. This is not a joke folks. There are plenty of people talking about this. Some are scientists. The warning given by an official would only cause pandemonium. That said, you can imagine that the only thing most of us can do is to make peace with our maker and our loved ones too.

All the fresh fruits and vegetables and edible plants will be destroyed on this planet. We do not have a way to recover from this devastation. Those people who have controlled our world economies are government elites and other elites will be safely underground with their loved ones besides them. They will have supplies but how long will they sustain themselves underground is uncertain. All the wealthy families but not yours. Not mine either.

We live less than one mile from the Newport Bridge. We are an island. We would be killed instantly by a three mile high wave. Sea levels will rise when the poles shift. There is talk of an increase of 600 feet sea level.

Edgar Cayce predicted that the Great Lakes would empty into the Gulf of Mexico.

I pray that this is not going to happen. Will the NWO begin with the people that were saved by going to live underground in these bunkers? There will not be anyone or anything alive on our planet to control if this happens. Only those that are going to live deep underground will be what is left of humanity. Then what? How long can they stay underground? How long will their supplies last? Several years? Is that enough? What about a major catastrophe like explosions or fires? Or something else? What will planet Earth be like then? On the surface how will they rebuild? Will there be radiation? What land mass will be left? They may not be as lucky as they hoped and envisioned. Just sayin'.
forgiveisdevine forgiveisdevine
51-55, F
Nov 30, 2012