Alien Technology Or Human Origins?

December 2009 saw the net buzzing when Moscow Television broadcast film taken by two men driving around Moscow with a hand-held video camera who managed to film a massive 'floating' pyramid above Red Square in Moscow. The object was not visible to the naked eye.

Further, the following day, an image of the object was published showing it still hanging there during daylight hours. Again, this object was not visible to the naked eye:

You can watch the original video here:

What are your views?

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I've said before that it astounds me that people can believe in a man who turned water into wine, raised the dead, cured the sick, and was resurrected to join his father in another dimension, yet cannot believe that people live on other planets. It's bordering on hypocrisy!

I do believe that alien life forms walk among us in the form of human beings. I read somewhere that they were among us to help us with advancing technology. And as womaninbliss said, no info confirming or denying their existence so as not to freak us out. It will be interesting one day when they are known to us and can help us advance our intelligence in new and interesting ways. It has been said we only use a portion of our brain. So there seems to be potential for us to experience much more than we do at this moment. Another thing i believe in is alien abduction. All the stories are the same that are told. The whole idea of other life forms is so fascinating to me.


hmm ... well have a look at the site ... there's a lot of stuff on it about chemical trails ... it sounds like you'll have a lot to contribute ... enjoy!

Yes please - sounds just like a forum I'd join. Let him know that I managed to snap a picture of a plane 'just switching on' a trail a month nor so ago. Curious thing was that it was being accompanied by an identisal plane (both jet liners), and flying just a few feet apart - as though one was monitoring the other.

I don't know that he has a specialist subject as such ... his current hot topics are chemical trails and disclosure I suppose, but he is very keen on a good conspiracy theory!! Would you like the web address of the forum? I could pm it to you if you like ... you might enjoy a look at it sometime ... it has vast amounts of information about everything from the Mayan Calendar to fluoride in the water ...

I keep an eye on certain sites, enterprise mission, ATS, etc but don't actively contribute. But I work from home so always have C2C on in the background as a substitute for office 'background chatter'. I've been listening to it for around 7 years now.<br />
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What's your husband's specialist subject?

I'm not especially a fan but I am married to someone who is REALLY into all this stuff. In fact he listens to C2C every day and has been invited to speak on air, although he says he prefers not to. So I hear all about it all the time. Are you a member of any specialist sites? - I'm guessing you are ... we are both members of a forum which discusses these subjects in depth. I am not one for conspiracy theories myself, nor particularly a "belief" in aliens as such ... but I'm open to hearing about most subjects and will listen to a reasoned argument. Discussions about TPTB are commonplace around our dinner table!! haha

I agree on that last point!<br />
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It was certainly strange how that Norwegian anomaly happened the night before Obama received the NPP. I'm presuming you're a big C2C fan too? I think Hoagland is a bit over the top but means well. <br />
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When Von Braun warned that we'd face a 'theat from space' I'm wondering whether he was in fact referring to the other German scientists who went down to Argentina to continue their project? He'd certainly have been aware of their intentions - even if he's already decided to come over to the US via 'Paperclip'. There were over a hundred of them working on secret projects at the time, including the Bell - the rest must have gone somewhere?

I understand the concept of easing us into it gently so as to not freak us all out .... and disclosure has been promised now for a while ... Salla, Hoagland, Wilcock of course all have been talking about this for ages and that supposedly Obama's "peace prize" was a prelude to revelations about extra-terrestrial discoveries. I don't doubt there is intelligent life in the universe somewhere ... sometimes I am convinced that it has to be somewhere - it certainly seems in short supply on Earth a lot of the time!

Events like these are becoming more frequent and at last the mainstream press is beginning to treat them a little more seriously. The Russian footage was shown repeatedly by national television for a week. The Royal Society in England has recently had its first academic discussion on the subject of contact with other races. The mainstream press is increasingly reporting events without the humour that used to accompany such articles. <br />
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Those who work in the field of exo-politics (Richard Dolan and Michael Salla to name just two) believe the increase in sightings to be part of an ongoing programme to condition mankind into acceptance of races from other planets. The Catholic church itself recently issued a statement that contact with alien races did not contravene its teachings and that God was just as likely to have created other races as he has created us.... and so on. <br />
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If we were to travel to another planet would we immediately jump-in and reveal ourselves? What would the effect be on their culture? The popular consensus is that disclosure is in the hands of those visiting us and not in our own hands. And they believe the time for this is fast approaching. <br />
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Besides, it would be terribly arrogant of us to think that we were the only intelligrnt life in this vast universe.

I'm sure that there is more to this world than I know of ... I haven't seen any so-called UFOs myself ... but I don't need to ... I think it's highly likely that there is life on other planets. Why wouldn't there be? I also know that there are many people who are desperate to fool the rest of us, many clever manipulators of movie and camera footage and more conspiracy theories than I could count. Where does this leave me? Still unsure, still unconvinced that the Moscow footage or any other is likely to be any more than yet another hoax. I still am surprised that it's only ever a very few people who witness these events. If some other entity was trying to make contact with us why wouldn't they make themselves known more widely?

I guess some people need to see something they themselves cannot explain before entertaining the idea that there is more to this world than they know of?

I have to say I'm not convinced. How come only two guys managed to "luckily" capture these images, even though the supposed UFO was purported to be over Red Square for a number of hours. Also, how could it be so conveniently invisible to the naked eye, yet still be visible on film? Cameras work on the same wavelengths of light as the human eye, so anything that can be captured on film would also be visible to human eyes. Also - the video and stills are very basic - something like this would be quite simply to forge in a matter of an hour or so.<br />
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But who knows - maybe I'm one of those aliens from the ship, spreading my propaganda to fool you all - MWHAHAHAHA! <br />
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Srsly though - not convinced.

Hi EnglishMuffin<br />
dunno.<br />
i like the idea it is tourists in a supposedly invisible spaceship and we are a Safari Park!<br />