Take Me Out To The Ballgame!

STRIIIIIIIIIIIIKE! (Oops! You stuck your foot in your mouth up to your pelvis, you came across as an arrogant, insensitive boor or a$$hat. Bottom Line? I wouldn't go out with you if you were the last man on Earth and the survival of the species was at stake!)

First base: Well, you sold me on meeting you one on one...CONGRATS!
Second base: I feel comfortable enough to kiss you on the lips. Congrats on progressing past mere peck on the cheek. There is another meeting in our future!
Third base: Heavy Petting, Fondling and yeah French Kissing (puhleeze don't ruin it by slobbering me like you're a St. Bernard!)...Crocodile Dundee Test and you can probably guess my cup-size at this point since you weighed them in your hands.
HOMERUN: HE ....COULD....GO....ALL....THE....WAYYYYYYY!!!! We got naked and did some things together that tell me I need to step up my Yoga for flexibility purposes. You finally got to see what was underneath all the packaging. Now the question remaining is, did going to Spring Camp make you good enough to sign you onto MY team?? LOL
DieKatzeSchreibt DieKatzeSchreibt
Dec 7, 2011