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Is First Base When She Agrees to Go Out With You?

 I wasn't very good at sports except running.  I got lots of practice in elementary school keeping from getting beat up by my classmates.  The problem with running in circles at school was it was so much like my life.  Now, back to dating.  Then, second base would be getting your arm around her say at a movie without having her break your fingers.  From then on, it's all sweet!  Lost track of what base I was on.

dorobo dorobo 70+, M 5 Responses Mar 9, 2009

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What happens when you pass 3rd base? Are the bases then loaded? So, WednesdayGirl at 5 bases was really having a good time it would seem? Can we add bases just to liven things up?

I'm with FlourLady - 1st base is kissing, second base is touching with hands outside the clothes, 3rd base - same thing, clothes on but hands inside the clothes and I think you know the rest.

If you have to count, you've gone too far. But, hope it was good for you!

Ah, then I've been to heaven. lol

no - first base is kissing!