What I Think the Bases Are In Dating.

1st base would have to be kissing ( doesnt matter wat kind lip action is lip action).

2nd base would be touching over clothes under/ over clothes boob action is boob action.

3rd base would be maybe fingering/ dry humping.

last but not least home run would be sex.

applescruffs applescruffs
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11 Responses May 26, 2009

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OK, I think we're getting into the territory of "Dear Penthouse..." here, and I lost my map.

hahaha... these can get so funny! Maybe it belongs at thirbase... but then, what if you are being fingered DURING oral???? Now that is awesome... but still not a home run? Too wicked funny!


Maybe it's a matter of degrees. Maybe 3 or more fingers is sex, but any less than that is just "Hey there! How's it going?". Great, now we need a whole new thread just for finger degrees...OK, I starting to weird myself out here...I need a shower. lol

haha i em.. finger'in could be considered sex for some ppl. *shrugs* i kno im not even sure.

Fingering isn't sex? Wow. What about oral?

HAHA tuva! hmm the grand slam could be public bone'in!

ROFLMAO !!!!!!!!!!!!!! You nailed it Tuva!

...doing it in a Denny's parking lot.

And the Grand Slam is.......?