Dream Better

Were there no obstacles the quality of my dreams would improve by about 90%.

You see, the most dominant recurring themes of my dreams are rejection and the struggle with obstacles. Sometimes the obstacles are physical, like me trying to escape a jungle gym, as we called them in primary school; this great contraption for kids to climb all over and through. Only the real ones at school were easy to exit. In my dreams I can never find a way out.

Other obstacles are often barbed wire fences which I have to negotiate by going under or through. Yes, that's right, I can never find a way.

Then there are the snakefields. I find myself in a paddock of rearing snakes, up on their own musculature as though some subcontinental piper was playing them a tune to stand them up erect, cobra like. They hiss at meĀ and threaten to sink their fangs in. I am terrified.

From these dreams I always wake disturbed, often sweating, moaning, feeling like crying.

I know that we must have obstacles. The whole structure of our physical universe depends on them. Without them we'd all just fall apart. Newton's third law would be irrelevant.

But hell, my dreams would improve.
61-65, M
Sep 14, 2012