Its kinda hard for me to wonder what I would do if I only had one day left to live. I am sure that I would spend some of the day on Ep, saying goodbye to all my friends and just tell them that I love them, and let them know that I will always watch over them, and that they will always be part of me, and that they are the reason why I was still alive for so long.

Another thing I would do, is watch Harry Potter for sure! I mean, come on now, it would be my last day to see my Harry Potter, and I would want to soak up as much of Harry potter as I possibly can!

I would also probably have my favorite thing to eat. And enjoy it, without worrying about other things, and all that.

After that, I would come home, get into my most comfortable pair of pajamas, and come back on Ep, and just wait till the end comes...

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Jul 23, 2009