Really Fun!


Baby One:
You like trendy names: Girl
You don't like trendy names: Boy

Baby Two:
You like classic names: Boy
You don't like classic names: Girl

Baby Three:
You like traditional spellings: Girl
You don't like traditional spellings: Boy

Baby Four:
Meanings of names are important to you: Boy
Meanings of names are not important: Girl

Baby Five:
You like unisex names: Girl
You do not like unisex names: Boy

Baby Six:
You like long names: Boy
You do not like long names: Girl

Baby Seven:
You plan on using family names: Girl
You do not plan on using family names: Boy

Baby Eight:
You visit Yahoo Answers: Baby names every day: Boy
You do not visit YA: Baby names every day: Girl


  1. Amadea Louanne

  2. Gordon Donald

  3. Grace Lauretta

  4. Justina Pearl

  5. Lowell Victor

  6. Marshall Foster

  7. Timothy Sheldon

  8. Valerie Corinne

This is tougher than expected with the rules!!!


debmichelle debmichelle
Feb 26, 2012