What Would You Name Your Octuplets?

I found this game online and thought it was interesting.  First, you take this little quiz and determine the genders of each of your octuplets:

Baby One:
You like trendy names: Girl
You don't like trendy names: Boy

Baby Two:
You like classic names: Boy
You don't like classic names: Girl

Baby Three:
You like traditional spellings: Girl
You don't like traditional spellings: Boy

Baby Four:
Meanings of names are important to you: Boy
Meanings of names are not important: Girl

Baby Five:
You like unisex names: Girl
You do not like unisex names: Boy

Baby Six:
You like long names: Boy
You do not like long names: Girl

Baby Seven:
You plan on using family names: Girl
You do not plan on using family names: Boy

Baby Eight:
You visit Yahoo Answers: Baby names every day: Boy
You do not visit YA: Baby names every day: Girl


After you've done this, and you know the genders of your octuplets, then in that very ordername them alphabetically A-H.


Let's say you got Girl, Boy, Girl, Girl, Girl, Boy, Girl, Boy.  Your name list might look like this:

  1. Anna Marie
  2. Bradley Alexander
  3. Carrie Nicole
  4. Deanna Leigh
  5. Erin Elizabeth
  6. Franklin Shane
  7. Ginger Faith
  8. Harper Lee

You can pick middle names for your octuplets, those don't have to be alphabetical, but the first names MUST be alphabetical, and genders must be in the order you got.  Have fun!

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4 Responses Mar 27, 2009

1. Adoniram Wesley Jack
2. Boaz Elijah Canaan
3. Chanah Lillian Reverie
4. Dathan Lance Paul
5. Estella Romilly Blaire
6. Felix Avery Jago
7. Galilee Freya Vivienne
8. Hadassah Ivy Juno



Aww, well, if you have any questions you can ask me =D

My results:<br />
<br />
Andrew James Perry<br />
Brian Finnian Michael<br />
Christine Valerie Anne<br />
Danielle Charlotte Amelia<br />
Elliot Trevor Ambrose<br />
Faolan Jacob Lee<br />
Gabriella Madeleine Grace<br />
Hannah Scarlett Isabella