Really Man. Will Always Depend On The Vibe As Well As Helping To Heal If Necessary

You like the rest of us..... working our way through overcoming what is so often our
Major Fault that landed us here (again) to get it right . To move on to evolve and  more greatly serve those such as we , Loved ones etc, .If this is your interest. We all need to remember we are from the same Source. So It is best to be courteous and wish all well. You don't have to hang around with one another. Since I don't know you I would be wonderful cuz it makes me happy to interact with Good.  I pay attention tho' doubt you do too, True8 
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. Thank you for sharing!

I think we will keep repeating our experiences in life until we get it right. I do believe in reincarnation, and if you don't get something right in one life time, you will be sent to keep repeating life until you do get it right and then, and only then, will one receive the gift of a higher existence. I honestly don't think that the human soul could learn everything it needs ti in one life time here on earth.Some call me crazy, I call them closed minded. Thanks for sharing.