Honestly, I Just Don't Know Anymore.

Hey there, I'm new but here goes nothing.
I used to think I loved a guy. Real sweet, funny, and always by my side, but everything changed and smacked me around in the face. I didn't know what hit me when it did, but it sure caught me off guard. I thought you would never break your promise:
Me: Will we still be friends if all this ends right infront of us?
Him: Of course we will, no doubt.
But you did break it, snapped it in have like a limp twig. It's okay though, I've moved on in life, I've gotten over your cruel, heartbreaking ways. No matter what your friends tell me, I won't go back to you, because all your doing is begging for more and more of me so you can do what you did all over agian and just make a straight up fool of me and expect me to just tell you it's okay and that I forgive you. NO. I know you mean while, but you always play your silly games and I won't sit around waiting for your answer. Tell me. Tell me if you even cared the slightest bit for me, because when I said every single "I love you," I meant it, I really did. This my honest opinion on you: "I still like you, I just can't ever, in my life, go back to you. I won't and nothing will change my mind. Nothing can change you, you'll always play your stupid little games and continue, but it's okay, that's just you... not me."
iTheGreatCheeeeeese iTheGreatCheeeeeese
13-15, F
Apr 23, 2012