I Wonder What You Would Say (And What You Will Do.)


I wonder what you would truly say if I were standing before you.

If I were standing before you at this moment I wonder what you would say if I asked you if I was pretty.  Would you say yes and then look down so I know that you are simply being polite or would you maintain eye contact with me so I know it is true?  


I wonder if I were before you now if you would continue to share your most intimate secrets with me.  Would you listen to mine and would I be able to tell you as much as we have shared here? 


I wonder if you were standing before me if I would be able to hold in my pleasure of being able to touch your skin, feel your touch, and look deep into your eyes.  Would I stop at the mere touch of your hand or would I need to feel you deep inside my soul?


I wonder so many things about what would happen if I were standing before you now. Well don’t leave me wondering, what would you do?


fungirlmmm fungirlmmm 41-45, F 81 Responses May 19, 2009

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Sure let's go. Where are we walking to?

Hi. Do you want to go for a walk?



Okay... before or after I cleaned the drool off my chin?

You are so sweet elf.

capsicum is a veggie in a pink dress............ smiles

Oh.... to answer the question.....

I think I would be so stunned with your beauty that only a single word could escape my lips....."Wow!!!"


blindfold you,tie you upside down and whip your fungirlmmm *** - hi sorry i'm late ;D

You are sweet.

you got it. I can offer my shoulder as well, that way the tears and snot can just drip naturally down.

awwww ty adorable one.

reaching over with my sleeve for you

Thanks y'all.. I may tear up here.

She has that effect on people, eh? Making people look forward to their time spent on this site? It's a good quality to have.

In a perfect world it is about the connection, but this world isn't perfect and looks play a very big role in life. As wrong as that is, it is true.

beautiful lady

what a lovely, refreshing, inquisitive piece

all my answers would be very hoarse whispers. so bring your ear very close. MMMMM

love and peace

FG, I know exactly what I would say.... You are a beutiful woman who makes me laugh, even if your pubes are turning grey!!!!! OK, no, seriously. You are a beutiful woman who makes me laugh, cry, and look forward to my time on EP. Thank you for being the kind, warm fun soul you are, and I love you as a friend.

LOL Floyd.... Come join the fun lol.

Salar, LOL

Ar, Are looks all that important? Isn't it more about connections?

Miss, LOL you were pretty last time I looked.

I do not know what you look like.. To be honest I never viewed your profile...

I don't like posting pics of me really cuz yeah I am not the prettiest girl in the world... haha!

Right now? Listen your pubes wont go grey i promise but please stop commenting on that story so frequently its creepy to see that group in your activity list everytime :-|


and i don't know if you are an ugo or not i don't know what you look like. Not really fair since you know what i look like.

Just a kiss... oh muh gawd... She is a hottie and all you would do is give her a kiss...

Sheesh what is wrong with people these days... haha !!

MMMmmm just give you a kiss xx

Ohhhh Jimmy. lol

Ar, and I would jut smile at you.

Miss, teehee

Exactly Jimmy my point !! Well the parts don't fit perfectly so we could totally pull it off !! Wadda you say ?!?! hehe

Shhh I was a little turned on as well !! :P hehe

Kind of like what S'more says in the queens of comedy? "Eatin' ain't cheatin!"

if you popped up in front of me right now all i would say was sup.

lmao.... Dayum I think I just peed my pants. For a moment i think I got excited. LOL