5' 4" =

You are a warm, outgoing person. You are a very social creature.
You value harmony, and you often play the role of mediator.

You are a very real and honest person. You know how to kindly tell people the truth.
You crave love and approval. Luckily, you are a very easy person to love.

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22-25, F
20 Responses Nov 26, 2008

Unless the one person you're dealing with is an overzealous canine herself. ;P

You just gotta work 'em right. At least ONE person at any insurance place could relate to damaged property at the hands of one of you...overzealous canines.

*Insurance* company = cheap bastards.

Three words: accident insurance claim?

Evilllll. Don't be surprised when you find your favorite t-shirts have been destroyed. >:)

Two words: space collar >:D

But they can bite your ankles so watch it. ;-D

But you didn't. Because dogs can't look up.

I should have seen that one coming. ;P

A puppy, based on your height, apparently :D

I know you are but what am I? =P

Well...you ARE a Santa Barbara girl ;D

Oh no....I sound like chihuahua. Damn.

Like a crazy little puppy with a short temper and a quick tongue.

lol. i think it sounds great.

I think it does. Kind of makes me sound like a puppy though. LOL =P

so, does the description fit you? mine did.

lol. ok i didn't think i saw that earlier. i'm 5'6" and i read on another story what it means but i forgot lol.

Oops, I'll fix that. =P

so how tall are you?