Sylph = Enchanting

Your Little Black Dress Says You're Enchanting

You are chic, worldly, and charming.

You are naturally fascinating and popular. You never feel like pretending to be someone you're not.

Your style is simple, flattering, and always appropriate. You fill your closet with well quality, timeless items.

 If you were a shoe, you would be: Open toed heels 


Love open toed heels...can't wear them much here though. Argh!

Sylphy Sylphy
41-45, F
27 Responses Mar 6, 2010

Oh yeah, LV...that little black dress can talk! ;)

Wow! I didn't know a dress tells so much about us down...just natural...<br />
<br />
Thanks, Super-D, i'm ready to sleep. LOL!

Hair down > Hair up imo. :P

My hair just always falls back...can't keep anything pinned to it long slides down. Hair spray might help...but I'm not really fond of those. So hair just you think that's good enough?

Uh-huh... ;)

Oh, that might explain why they were fairly taller and were a bit ripped...<br />
<br />
Guess I should find a new place to hang out then? :P

Double eeeewwwwwww!!! <br />
They're probably men, too!<br />
<br />

Ugh. The other ladies thought they were perty. [=

Your hairy legs are not fun! They're eeewwwww!!!

Awww. <br />
<br />
You're no fun :P

Well, I'm good at that...but then again, you are not a woman. We might have difficulties here.......<br />
<br />
Plus hairy legs....little black dresses do not go with hairy legs.....maybe you should forget about the dress.....<br />
<br />

lol Maybe?<br />
<br />
I dont know how woman's sizes work :P

Are you that big???<br />
<br />
Geez...we shall go shopping then.......LOL

Do they come in woman's XXL? :P

I knew it, HT! You want to wear a little black dress! LOL..........too funny... :D<br />
<br />
We could try out some here at home...I have several.............

I always wondered what my little black dress says about me. But it may scare some small children if i walk around in public...<br />
<br />
Oh wait.. I said that out-loud didn't I? ><

Yes, WG...little black dress...and bare back even...YUM!<br />
<br />
And we can play dress up here at home...*giggles*<br />
<br />
And by night time...well......h-e-l-l-o world! ;) toed huh? OooOoooooo....quality and timeless outfits...i'm coming to your place next time I need a little black dress.<br />
<br />
Must have a go at this myself.

Cool. Artsy...we must all own little black matter how can never tire of them. I love wearing mine in winter even - but yes, with my knee high riding boots. Totally yummy! ;)

Why not tonight, Laurie??? .......just because...should be fun. ;)<br />
<br />
Up in the air, Fungirl??? Like it flew up??? ......too funny... :D<br />'re making me think of something else...... ;)

I love my cherry colored peep toes. They are one of my fav pairs of heels. They look good in the floor and in the air (giggles).

No...less is more, Fungirl. A little black dress is just how it's supposed to be....just little. ;)<br />
<br />
Ain't peep toes just the greatest?<br />
<br />
*Sylph hurries to her closet and starts a dress rehearsal*

I love peep toes.... why else get a pedi in the winter. I am an attention wh*re of course so my little black dress probably says buy more material and cover up lol. let me go see.

Definitely, Lills...I go for bloody red polish with my black dress and black open toed heels... ;) RAWR!

It was only showing the front style of the dress...but I would have chosen bare back, that's for sure. ;)<br />
<br />
And yes, my toes would get frost bite. I don't want that. I love my toes.

Get your toes full of snow??? Crazy. Like the sound of the dress though :) Did it have a bare back and shoulders???