Spider :3

first off, don't argue with me about "that's an insect/bug/arachnid, not an animal." it's an animal okay. deal with it. secondly, i do realize it's an odd choice compared to the wolf, lion, otter, etc. that you usually hear about. but i do have my reasons.

1) they make beautiful webs - i'm an artist so i (attempt to) make beautiful things.
2) they're solitary creatures - i've always been a loner.
3) most spiders make, destroy, and then rebuild their webs every night - i have a habit of doing this with relationships.
4) what they make is intricate and delicate - i'm a very complex and sensitive person

there's more reasons but those are the main ones. now share what you think your spirit animal is and why!!
spidersmalls spidersmalls
18-21, F
Sep 25, 2012