Whats That Noise

We made our weekly trip out to the lake house last friday night. Just before leaving home I grabbed a vibrator from the drawer and tossed it in my bag along with a bottle of lube.

We picked up a friend that was going with us for the weekend. She is a friend of my GF.

( OK, I have no expectation that the weekend will include a wild ********* at the lake house. Won't ever happen. )

So we make the trip out to the lake house, arriving around 11:00 on Friday night. I carry stuff into the house dropping my bag just inside the door.

We settle in for a bit, turn on the TV , havee a beer. So its time for bed, most of the lights are off as we head off to bed. Our friend goes toward the living room where we had dropped off the bags when we came in. She hears a noise in the room. She calls to us, trying to figure out what the noise is. I walk in and in the quiet room the noise is really quite loud. I listen by the heater, then the AC. And start to move down towards the noise. It's coming from inside my bag. I started to laugh, they both looked at me. I just stood there looking at my bag thinking. I reached down into the bag and fumbled around trying to turn it off without taking it out of the bag. No luck, I just pull the freakin thing out and turn it off. I saw two jaws drop to the floor. We all started to crack up.

( sorry there is no big threeway story here. We just joked about every noise we heard all weekend )

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Oh what a great story--LMAO---thanks!! And reading the comments--oh man--tears in my eyes--to funny!

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It seems it isn't the skeletons in our closets we have to worry about. Its the dildoes under our beds!

I helped a friend move . As his girl friend watched , him and I went 2 move the bed . As we pulled it from the wall out fell a large ***** . I looked at them and all they did was shake there heads !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1

FG-Now that's funny. Why would anyone need three? Sometimes I feel so uninformed.


Yes, and since I am always thinking I had extra batteries too.

LOL.... My brother, father, and two of my male friends were helping me move from an apartment to my home and when they pulled the bed out three different vibrators fell out from under the bed. To make matters worse my Lab then grabbed the largest one and ran out of the room with me chasing after him. My poor father was horrified.

Never would have happened if I had left it in the drawer.