I didn't take the test. Just want to say it, not copy/paste (I will later:D)


I think some things are normal but not your normal. Mine. I'm sensitive but strong and not a fool, I'm a businessman and a logical but I'm also an artist and a creative so I'm not normal. Are you normal? No. You are your version. You don't know it though and maybe you won't accept it but you are.

I am also my own:

Other good guy (The part that decides right/wrong even if I know it is he helps more, I created this part so don't call me crazy I'm just giving myself a hand and someone to talk to for personal motivation that I don't have to actually see.)

lol capital letters...... See? not that normal but not ever abnormal? (I mean not normal, not sure of the word lol)

I like lol I hate capital letters/commas/whatever I'm not a professional advice giver just trying to help by saying what I know and I know good things like well not lots but if you hate being unhappy and all lazy then I can help because I used to be like that.

Acchbellon Acchbellon
18-21, M
Dec 6, 2012