An Acquired Taste

Begin with a splash of curiosity

Add two parts luck and positive coincidence

Trickle ample disbelief for everything I’ll never understand, and the overwhelming joy that really is

Drizzle a drop of defeat that's quickly overtaken by a sneaky swirl of resilience

Pour generously over three square ice-cubes frozen with resolve, choice, and unrelenting faith

Mix in flavored hope for a brighter future

Top with a smidgen of questionable judgment in achieving such a future

Stir thoughtfully, sip cautiously – a slight burn when going down is to be expected.
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7 Responses Aug 10, 2010

Song of joy, nice & pretty words :)

Sounds soo delicious! What a delightful, and exquisitely written, recipe!

Sounds like a wonderful mix

Yummy! X@

And ice cream for dessert? :-)

I was thinking something similar -- what an exotic and intriguing sounding recipe!

What a beautiful way to look at life!! Just have to adjust the ingredients depending on what life throws your way.