Ok Then ..

Well the name 'Lunawolf', 'Luna' for short, Just randomly popped up i one day i guess. I have always loved wolves and i have always been interested in the vastness of the universe and the stars...  I Love white wolves more than any others tho.. they always seem kind of unique and mysterious as well as pure. And so i came up with Lunawolf meaning 'A/the Moon wolf' a couple years back. I signed my artwork with it for a while too. As for the avatar i do tend to change it. But more often than not it involves a white wolf which in pictures and avatars i often symbolise myself as. Depending on my mood i will have the wolf in different moods.. 

For example: Scared or upset/ Being cared for or feeling a sense of love or affection


LunaWolff LunaWolff
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Thanks =D