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*Shrugs* It's All Arabic To Me

Which would pretty much emplain why I have no idea what, "Reema Umayma," means....

*shurgs* Oh, well, still kind of like the whole Arabic stuff, so, I'm not complaining. =]

Now I know what people should call me if I ever get to Arabia. =D

Floydess Floydess 18-21, F 29 Responses Feb 25, 2011

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Lol, well, I don't mind, but I just lost the conversation about a page back. =P *giggle-giggle* Hehe, she should have been Reema Umayma. =P

Loolz then you felt related to it hahaha ;P was it white?? :P

I saw a deer the other day.

hahahaha your story turned into kind of a chat for EP :P

*completely lost in the conversation* =P

(didn't even know there were deers there? Are there? O.o ) >> SURE we have Deers!! :) ... Arabs are famous with these kind of animals like deers, Fawns (Dhabi), and Purebred Arabian horses :)...... Very beautiful animals :)

theologian>> Loolz all people has First and last name not just Arabs HAHA :P<br />
but here in this test, they have put two female names!! which don't fit together to make a First and a Last name :)... but Nop usually our names are not long!! :)

hahahaha I'm reading and laughing ... the comments are funny :P



Hence, why I should keep my mouth shut when geography and countries are involved.... *checks on desktop map and sees it* Mmm... I should have a word with these people who manufacture maps. =/

And by the way, there is no place called Arabia. Except in Fantasy stories maybe :)

*shrugs* How must I know? I know Indian and Pakistani related things. =/<br />
<br />
Oooooh, that makes sense, onlygodjudgeme. I would never have thought or know that if not for you. =]

Deer are beautiful and fit. That's why lots of Arabic female names refer to them in some way :)

But doesn't Arabic have a system of first and last names? I'm just remembering when I was reading the Arabian nights and some of the names where reeeeeaaaaaaalllly long. :P

I will stick with mother. Thanks Floydess.

That's totally cool! =D *giggle-giggle* Oh, my... I shall have to be a white deer then. Reema. Hehe, I didn't even know there were deers there? Are there? O.o

anything for you ;)<br />
<br />
My real name meaning is also a name of a deer that got beautiful eyes. Idk what’s with all of these deers!! Apparently Arabs like them haha :P

Oh. Thanks for clear up for me miss.

hahahahahahahahah Mother of a white deer!!!! :P no dear you can’t have those two names together they are both separate female names, you either be Reema or Umayma :)>> so choose!<br />
I would suggest Reema because Umauma really sucks :P<br />
Yup I'm Arabian :)

LOL I'm a white dear. That's funny. <br />
SM is rolling on the floor laughing.<br />
<br />
SM got back up and she goes to do the motel's laundry.

Mother of a white dear? Oh, my... haha, no offence, but it was better when I didn't know what it meant. =P You're from Arabia, missgaga? =) *giggle-giggle* Oh, that's going to be just splendid. =D<br />
<br />
Namaste, Bedier. =]

greetings Reema Umayma - Bedier Basm at your service :)

hahaha <br />
Reema : is a white deer<br />
Umayma: means mother<br />
:)<br />
I'll call you that if you come here :P

I can't really sleep.

Oh, hehe, then thanks. =]

Compliments. I'm giving it.

Hehe, uhm, thanks? =]

hot lady. <br />
You have a great Arabic name