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I Was....


You are casual,funky and even a little cheeky.

You don't take fashion very seriously.

You look very urban and a possibly even a little punk.

You wouldn't be caught dead in a suit or even a polo shirt.

You are intested in trends & fashion movements.

You are willing to take big fashion risks just for the fun of it.

You shop everywhere, and you're definitely not hung on labels.

If something looks good, you'll buy it-especially if it's on sale.


This is true...but I have to have my jeans and justin boots first.... ;)


cmojlo cmojlo 41-45, F 2 Responses Dec 12, 2009

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No worries...I feel my

Oh! yes!!! great result my friend! :) I to have to have my, comfy jeas and trainers first! lol :) <br />
Thank you for sharing your post :)