Your Fave Drive~in Movie Experiences

    For many of us Drive~In movie's where a staple of our youth growing up, and lasting well into our teen years, before the heinous developers starting buying up the land and plowing them under unceremoniously!    It's great that there are still a decent number left though.


  Let's celebrate by sharing our most fave Drive~In experiences.....

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27th ave. drive in Miami fl.<br />
Cheapest motel in town

Kinkyengr~ Yeah that was another great activity, especially parking way at the back of the drive in, and having some great sexcapades. lol glad there are still a few around

My favorite drive-in was in Austin, TX back in the 80s. It's the only one I know of that showed adult movies. My wife and I used to go regularly. There were lots of cars rocking at that place. Oh the memories.

okay - but you asked .... other than all the making out (which i did my fair share of, of course) - still, this is the one thing i remember most about the drive-in.<br />
<br />
My 77 T-bird. The movie was Alien - we were smoking pot - and we got 21 people packed into my car for about 5 minutes.... just long enough to pass a joint around once. Man, you should have seen the smoke that rolled out of that car when we opened the door. We just wanted to see how many people we could get in the car at one time. Dumb, but what a blast!

dewduster~ You Da Man! If tha cars a rockin', don't come a Knockin" LOL! <br />
<br />
Popcorn anyone?

WOW. A girl friend and a good shoot em up. Does not get much better. <br />
Young and in lust. <br />
Fresh air and the privacy of your own car. <br />
I am lucky to have several memories like this. <br />
I am going to bed a 65 year old man and dream of being 18 at the Drive-in with sweet Joan. <br />
I have lived a good life...DD

marji~ Right you are. My two fave's where the S. Wellfleet twin, on Cape Cod, where you could go mini golfing before the show started; and the Glen Drive in up in Queensbury, N.Y. Both are still there, and show double features in season. You can find out info on the one's still open at<br />
Thanks for sharing!