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I Wtk Whats Your Japanese Name

Your Japanese Name Is: Kuniko Oimikado

Sophie1610 Sophie1610 41-45, F 7 Responses Nov 27, 2009

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Well, I wouldn't ''actually'' do that. Plus it only costs you one token...I hardly consider that 'punishment'...sheeez! I'm the one you need to worry about when it comes to 'punishment'...ha ha!

*Jumping up & down* *waving my arms*......Youuuu....Hooooo!!!!!....No no please don't I'm here!!lol...a bit late, but I am!!...pleazzzze, don't call the story monitor, he'll punish me! ; )

Hey Kuniko....where are you? Kuniko is slacking on her stories! Call the story monitor!

Kuniko means child from the country? That really hit the nail on the head....geeez! Thanks Michelle for that miracle info. ;~))

Thanks Michelle!...ah ah...and yah it is. : )

Hmm..nope, don't know what it means...wish I did! you know?<br />
Thanks Babe, very sweet of ya!!... : ) (((hugs))) you know what that means in Japanese? Very pretty name!! For a very pretty woman!! I love the name Kuniko! Way cool!