wow ! I'm An Intense Kisser Lol ...


When I kiss, it's deep and powerful ...

I don't take kissing lightly ...

My kisses always have meaning ...

And they always make My head spin ;)


DollyDiva DollyDiva
26-30, F
9 Responses Mar 19, 2009

You'll get what you want when Im there in Illinois !

SHOW ME "the power of a kiss".<br />
I've NEVER ever Really had a Passionate kiss.<br />
(Warning: THEN I'll want MORE "than JUST a Kiss".<br />
I'll Be AROUSED.....and Desire PASSIONATE 'Lovemaking'<br />

lol ,, O' no no

I wanna try

Oh, no!... No!

hehe! what do you think =)

Cor! What do they do to the chap? (If its a chap).

hehe kiss kiss ;)

Better not fall off weeee kiss kiss kiss ;o)