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Spot On

What's Your Kissing Style?


You Are an Intense Kisser 
When you kiss, it's deep and powerful

You don't take kissing lightly

Your kisses always have meaning

And they always make your head spin


Kissing for me, is a way to connect with a person on an emotional and spiritual level. When kissing the one you love, however, it means oh so much more!



angelwings626 angelwings626 46-50, F 10 Responses Jul 20, 2009

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I am a sensual passionate creature. I feel more than I can say or express. I need to find someone who can match me, possibly even challenge me to an even deeper connection-passionately speaking of course! ;-)<br />
hugs to you sweet Ironman xx~

yes yes ... sweet Jesus yessssssssssssssss!!!!<br />
Kissing is so much more than 2 pairs of lips touching. The gentle sucking, tugging at the corners of the mouth- slow, open soft kisses.... licking and giving gentle lover's nips. Kissing for me is a way to express my sensuality and passion. If I'm aroused, it's the initial steps of what could end up being hours of foreplay, sexual teasing and seduction. And if you are undressed ( as if coming out of the shower, or just waking up in the morning ) when the kissing begins-- I can guarantee there will be more than just "kissing". ;-)

"uh huh" and sweet jesus YESSSSSSSSSSSSSS !!!<br />
you KNOW I'm craving one of those sessions right now, don't you??

My Kisses have meaning, are Intense and Powerful They can go on for HOURS, makes chills go down my back just thing about kissing My ANGEL


ur too cute for words hun xx

suh-weeeeet and uh-huh !!!<br />

dare I say you've "been there, done that"?<br />

tdk~ I couldn't agree with you more- not only are the kisses sweeter, but usually go onto to more sensual activities... xx~

exactly! ;-)