Adoption and Hope


      A journey that embarks in the unknown, for many a child it is the time they look forward to and relish, that of being adopted.  It is not so much about who can show financial security, but instead a loving, nurturing  time to belong, and a fit that is ideally unique!  Joy belongs in childrens lives, from the moment they are conceived and hear their mothers voice in the womb, to the time they are born up until they become an adult.   Inbetween there are challenges each must face, questions they raise, fear to overcome.  Yet adoptive kids have an incredible resiliance and are among the strongest and most driven individuals in the world.  The inner fiber of a boy or girls existence depends on unheralded strength,  from those who are old enough to have experienced an event not of their making.   Then there are the incredible cases of those just born into the world who's first immediate bond, is with an adoptive parent or parents where love, guidance and friendship collide first hand.    Selfless human beings who see the need to make a difference in the lives of an impressionable child.  No greater gift could be given, and no greater love received.   So many success stories have proven that each is worthy of meritorious service towards mankind!

                              From the couple who are unable to have any, to a single parent, each adds a timeless and genuine beauty that makes a true compelling family statement!  Let us appreciate these hopes that are eternal and everlasting!

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3 Responses Mar 14, 2009

Actually neither, though I have several friends who were, so I have been enlightened by them!

Thank you for your comments! Yes it would be a great beginning for so many, who wait in hope!

I agree. Love this story.