Is He Really Too Tired and Not Up to the Job?

President Reagan was 69 years old when elected President. Was shot 69 days into his Presidency. And still had the streanght to serve two terms and defeated Communism. President Obama has already said he's tired. Please!!!


Neal Boortz By @ March 24, 2009  

Just a question. You do know that Obama wrote a letter to Jacques Chirac recently. In that letter Obama wrote "I am certain that we will be able to work together, in the coming four years, in a spirit of peace and friendship to build a safer world."

The "coming four years?" Well, it seems that there's a small problem here. Jacques Chirac is not the president of France. That honor goes to Nicolas Sarkozy.

Now if, say, Sarah Palin had done this the press would be full of outrage.

Hmmmm. Oh well, read this for yourself (




Is there a double standard with politicians and the Left? As the article says, if Sarah Palin or another Republican did this they would be harrassed and crucified. If any Republican had made the assinine remarks about Special Olympics, again crucified.

A double standard exists as President Obama and other Democrats are given a pass on their bad behavior and stupidity.

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Maybe at some points they do. I am afraid I see no less stupidity at the Republican side, see my story.<br />

ultimateloner,<br />
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Most democrats win the same way: tell the people they will have exactly what they want. Obama was quite masterful at dispensing this kind of crap and the world ate it up like candy. Add to the mix that he is black and he was unstoppable. However I find it ironic that all these people who want to say they are not racist found themselves more in favor of him because he is black!! Imagine if people said they only voted for McCain because he is white. What would those people be labeled?<br />
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Republicans on the other hand do what needs to be done, regardless of popularity. That was the driving force behind Bush and Cheney and they are hated because of it.<br />
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Back in the '90s a Democratically controlled Congress with the help of President Clinton ushered in laws that would make it possible for those who can't afford to buy homes to buy them. 12-13 years down the line, look what happened from that. The Democrats gave the people what they wanted *at the time* and could care less about future consequences. Obama is no different.

omg. if he does not know who the pres of france is; thats scary-sad. its almost like obama was handed the presidency as a 'feel-good gesture'---if he is THAT ill-informed---i always had nagging suspicions the last election was nothing but a 'giveaway'---i mean; choosing mccain? thats the best the repubs could come up with to do battle with obama? its like the repubs nominated mccain to give 'make him happy' like a 'life-time achievement award' of sorts and whether he actually won was immaterial. obama seems to have been chosen and supported in his win mainly to spite hilary. i do not want to think that way, but things just seem 'off' and have since hilary tanked and an unknown black senator got the nod. to make history? to 'make amends' for there having ever been slavery in our history? like i said; nagging doubts have crept in on me and i don't like that line of thought. but---our president does not know who the president of france is? ummm; this man was hand-picked to be our president----why----?

You are right pntdhorse61. Dumb stuff happens. Both sides of the aisle in Washington. None of our elected elite is free from this paint brush.<br />
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They didn't tell them cause they didn't want too. It a slight-of-hand just like magicians use.

I agree. I will not say one side is all wrong and the other is all right. But there sure has been alot of over looking some of the dumb stuff they have done. Eveybody is patting obama on the back for that 400 a year or 12 a week tax break. But what they forgot to tell everyone is they didn't change the tax table, so that 400 ayear or 12 a week will be paid back at tax time next year. You get less money back. About 400 dollars less. What a break for us . Yeah Right

Looks like someone made a faux pas!! :-)

too much kool-air being drank