Animals, Children And Cheating My Partner

I am against child sex with adults or using people in three somes and cheating 

animals is not on with me... 

while groups sex po rn has a certain intrigue to me but not something I want to do ... its ok to watch two couples but I don't want to do it in life

I dont want to have sex with my brother, father, mother or sister, or first cousins etc 

I would consider a distant relative maybe if I liked them but not just because they offer

I am not into one night stand and casual sex that is why for me trusting ken was out of the usual for me... 

he took advantage of me when I was weak and vulnerable.. it was awful and do not want to do that ever again

I dont believe in arranged marriages unless you mutually do like each other and send time together to see if you like each other

I am not into violent sex or like masks and wips or chains... I am not into dominations and submisions or that BS

I would wear sex lingery and play a few role play things like say Boss and secretary or innocent maid and seducations but I am not into 

hitting or biting or sexual toys other than say a small vibrator or dil do ... I could not go for those machines, bum beads or vacum pumps etc

without really knowing my partner well

I am not into anal or really oral ... I find that boring and immature 

I mean sex is about penis and vagina and  emotional passions and not about how many hours you can go at it or how many orga sms

or positions ... I dont want to swallow cu m ... or lick bum holes... and I do not like oral on me even ... its awful 

I prefer sex that is from the heart and not just genitals 

I dont want to have sex in public or with groups of people ... 

I dont want to swap partners

I just want a guy who wants to look into my eyes with love and passion why we make love gently and move to a nice soft rhythmic thrusting and power up to the peaks of it... 

its not about just a physical thing for me... you have to find the right person and things work right and

the new desire of a new person is better than boring old relatives ... love is exciting and also a quiet knowing inside you no matter how hard it gets

I will not have sex with women

I will not have sex with old men

I will not have sex with men I do not like

I hate old women who steal young men on young women

I really like the idea of sensual gentle love that comes with eyes of love and a calm smile... and excitment of that extra flush of heart beat when you see them and are near them... its best like that ... when you are kind of self conscious about how they see you and how want to come across to them and how you want to be with them.

I wont come into sexual conrolling and men who want an ugly wife so she has no self estem and self worth ... a real man wants this wife or girl to look and feel lovely

I don't believe in sex out of anger and rage

I don't believe in rape

I don't believe in forced to have sex or love or marry

I don;t believe in stalking

you can usualy tell when a guy does not like you and gives you the flick off and girls the same ... girls don't like the Kens of this world stalking them ever after trying to convince you are theres ... they don't like being told what to do... they don't like being harassed 
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I am not really into vulgar talk in sex but by the same token... if sex happens in a place that is isolated and you have a heated moment that sparks desire and it happens in a place that is unlikely for sex ... so what... and as you get to know someone you may want to say things to turn them sexually on more or light the fires a bit further ... if a guy I really liked wanted to take me while we were exploring a deserted house or barn or cave well, it would have to be very alone for that to happen... but what moments of anger while having sex or even guilt or sadness etc ... its more about in context and not a contrived event... <br />
<br />
<br />
if I really loved a guy and he wanted me in his office I would accommodate if I was in the mood....<br />
<br />
but Im not into sleezy sex ... I like accidental subtle sex or outright planed take your time sex and not just sleaze and exhibitionism..