My Date With You.....all Day Long and Then Some

Now those who know me best realize that I would go on any date no matter what as long as we aren't stuck in a third world country but keep in mind that one girl's idea of perfect may not be the same as the next.

I've often thought about the perfect date and what it would be.

He would pick me up at my hotel room right on time, not a second early or a second late. He would be driving a rental of course, possibly a bright red mustang convertible with the top down. Being the gentleman that he is, he would hold the door for me while I got in the car and close it while I put on my seat belt. I would reach over and open the door for him being the lady that I am. The radio would be playing nothing but commercials, so we'd turn it off and we would start quizzing one another on historical facts. (Hey it is my fantasy so if you don't like it get one of your own.)

Traffic would be heavy because it is a Saturday morning, so we would pass the time by seeing how many links it would take to link Bacon to the actor Kevin Bacon. This would take a good 15 minutes and then we are back to playing our historical trivia game. “OMG punch buggy” and I pop him almost as hard as any man. He threatens to push me out the door, which I know he won't but he threatens again when I punch him again as another Volkswagen Beetle passes us. We are on our way to our first destination and I warn you now that I am not a high maintenance chick.

We arrive at our first destination. A casual early lunch for two at the Taco Bell, next to the the Dairy Queen, near the beach. I'd order a couple of chalupas and a large Diet Pepsi (I'm trying to watch my figure). He orders 6 hard shelled supreme tacos because soft shells are for wimps. At the end of the of the meal we share a choco-taco. He tries to force the bigger half on me but I refuse politely and insist he take it. He, of course, picked up the tab.

We get back to the car and he once again holds the door for me while I get in and close it behind me as I buckle up. He loves me and doesn't want to see my face scarred, and let's face it, with the way he drives believe me the chances of wrecking are pretty high. We head over to the Brunswick; one word, two syllables. bowling. We bowl two games and then shoot some pool. He lets me win at bowling, but neither of us win at pool because we are too into each other to really play the game as it is supposed to be played.

From there we go fill up at the gas station to ensure we have enough gas to get back across town to the beach. We go in to pay for the gas and grab two slush puppies, mine is grape and his is lime. He ends up throwing his away because it was too sour for his taste and we share mine.

We arrive at the beach. He walks to the trunk to remove two kites, one is a dragon and the other a box. We walk down the boardwalk to the Dairy Queen, where I get my chocolate dipped vanilla cone and he gets his Butterfinger Blizzard. We continue to consume our treat as we make our way to the beach. We sit on the sand for a few moments finishing up. We then decide to fly the kites which I am not very good at, and we end up in the sand kissing and laughing about how ridiculous I look trying to fly the massive kite. The sun begins to set and we sit there with our arms around each other watching it disappear into the depths of the ocean. I am looking into his eyes now and I wonder if he knows I am thinking that I hope we have many more sunsets together, oh and sunrises too.


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Not bad! I tend to be VERY punctual, unless something strange happens, in which case I would call. I think your idea of a perfect date is sweet, and I definitely wish you the best of luck getting that "perfect date"! ;-)

good for you! a perfect gentleman too!

*grinning* I'm definitely working on that! MUAH! ;-D

Good post. You really thought this out!

WELL thought out! :-)

That's so weird, I was just thinking of something just like this this, babygirl, hehehe

This was a fun read fungirl. Pun intended<br />

I have never heard of that but I will check it out. I love reading a lot.

aw. how lovely. felt like the scene of a movie. should write a book <3 <br />
sort of reminded me of the book The Guernsey Literary and Potato Peel Pie Society. not sure why.

LOL "punch buggy" I actually had a girl do that on our first date and it ended up being our last date but not for that reason.... I had totally forgot about that.


Hey, I would like to go on that date with you. I am willing to rent a Mustang. lol

Glad you liked it.

FG this was absolutely the coolest post!!! It is perfect to come back around as we enter the summer season. The 'Stang convertible is a def for the vehicle!!! The perfect spur of the moment day, and finish on the beach. <br />
Way Cool~

I am sorry Willow. PM me if you want to talk.

I don't know anyone here, so I don't know what I would do or want to do, but I enjoyed reading about what your date would be.<br />
It sounds silly, but I loved that you continuously included buckling up! I dont know if people understand its importance. [I found out the hard way that some people just really couldnt careless, but I digress] I just really appreciated those parts.

So I have to know.....Was yours the box kite?????? You never tell us the good stuff......Was it....Come on...Tell us....please....please......did you play with the box?????? Or did he??????hehehehehehe

So I have to know.....Was yours the box kite?????? You never tell us the good stuff......Was it....Come on...Tell us....please....please......did you play with the box?????? Or did he??????hehehehehehe

Well I am sure if you ever do smile it would be adorable.

well if that happened i would feel really bad with a big smile on my face because damn that would be funny at first.

Because you might scare her to death and then you would feel really bad.

Why is that?

Ok PT when I get to TX are you gonna take me to the conputer store.<br />
<br />
Aron, You might not want to scare her too much.

I enjoy sleeping, playing my guitar, scaring my sister, and owning the hell out of people on cod...

your in

Awesome, can I go PT? I love when a guy talks techy to me.

to a computer store.

that is an awesome memory.

Taco Bell, Dairy Queen, and bowling...that sounds awesome!!!! I'm hungry now!<br />
<br />
I had a perfect date that involved bowling, sitting on my parents front lawn drinking coffee and looking at the stars. It was pretty low maintenance but magical because of who it was with. : ) <br />
<br />
He didn't kiss me goodnight but we held felt so third grade and cute...awww! And we were 21, lol!

You will.

I been trying to think of a cool date but nothing seems fun to me atm...

Ahhhh Brut!!!<br />
<br />
He "bangs me" most frequently darling but this was just a date night.

FG:<br />
<br />
I didn't read any part of where he 'bangs' you. What type of date is that?<br />
<br />

you sound like a fun date, fungirlllllll! Taco Bell by the beach...perfect.

Awww thanks Seadragon. You are so precious to me.

Thanks girlie.

SpiderWeb, I apologize for that. I should explain that recently a friend of mine told me that he has to hand pump his water for his cold shower each day, and I love my shower so I said right then and there that I couldn't live in a third world country. I love you girl and thanks for not hating me.<br />
<br />
HBY, you are so right.<br />
<br />
TY Rog, I am glad you like it.

With the right person, any date can be pretty perfect... A walk in the park, a day at the beach, no cool sports car required. As far as I'm concerned, though, you can keep the bacon (Kevin and all) but I am now totally wanting to try a Choco Taco. Yum!


FG, when you said the word naked, I got lots of ideas for dates, but this is a family site so I will refraim. Now, my buddy nudeinva would be slobbering all over

LOL sounds awesome. I like all night dates.

Fg if I hired the car would you drive you seem to know where your going .... Taco bells good for me ... can I swop the slushy for a milk shake ? how about a beach in Scotland in the summer when the sun doesn't set ...... could be a long night girl ...... ;)

The company sweetie, not you. I went in to that interview and then they told me that.

""No Floyd, they are hiring in July or August. I am thinking WTH did you waste my time.""<br />
<br />
What did I do?

LOL I will have to work on that BABY. Yet another B lol

So is this a "B" date? Just saying...we got the beach, boardwalk, bowling, billiards, butterfinger blizzards, beetles, busters.. and now bacon. I love bacon. Can't wait to see the "A" date, or better yet..maybe the "C" date.

LOL and I would have the peanut butter ready lol.

LOL Yep.... :-)

Awww Chris, who said I would be dressed even if you show up on time? LOL<br />
<br />
LOL DC too funny... I can never remember the name of the game "degrees of bacon" and I call it the "sausage links of bacon."

OMG I LOVE your date!! Hell, it makes ME want to date you!!! I'd lose in the degrees to Bacon game, though...can never remember actor names. Director names, yes.

Sure. One more difference is that I WOULD show up early.... in hopes of catching you getting dressed... :-P

Dern, I did mess up that part. Will you still go out with me darling?

Sounds like a fun date. Only, I would get the peanut buster parfait instead of the butterfinger blizzard. ;-)

Exactly Anthony there is a lot of crap food because it is my perfect date, and I have spent the last 5 years of my life eating what is healthy, working out, and depriving myself of everything others perceive as good. A chocotaco is a waffle cone taco with ice cream in it. It tastes like a nutty buddy if I remember correctly. It has been many years since I have had one or even eaten fast food, five to be exact.<br />
<br />
Beautiful story Stevester.

My perfect date was many years ago.What made it perfect is that it nearly didn't happen. I had briefly met a girl, was bowled over, didn't get her number but managed to talk a freiend of hers into giving ot to me. i rang her and asked her out to dinner. I sat alone in the restaurant for 15 mins. Too embarassed t do anything else I ordered for myself. Of course I'd told the waitress that there were tow of us and so I knew I looked like a loser. I could almost imagine the siogn over my head "stood up". But she arrived, she was flustered but beautiful. Created a huge drama apologising to me for being late. Asked for us to be moved to a bigger table thus ensuring everyone in the restaurant now knew my date turned up. <br />
<br />
Maybe I enjoyed it so much because I was relieved at not being a loser anymore or maybe it was becasue I fell in love with her, anyway it still tickles me to think of it 20 years later.

Come on over.

LOL Praxis.<br />
<br />
No Floyd, they are hiring in July or August. I am thinking WTH did you waste my time.<br />
<br />
TY Flour.

After reading that I am tempted to ask you out to McDonalds ;P

this is a good story-enjoyed!

You should go to sleep fg! :-l<br />
<br />
See all the typos you are making!<br />
<br />
And hey, how was the meeting? (hopes it got you employment :) )

Aww flord of course. I need the puppy.<br />
<br />
Maybe not Aronin... I will PM you.

I think we may be to different for you to understand my story.

Awww that sounds beautiful, but dint you forget something?<br />
<br />
Should the cute pup not accompany, so that you can hold him in your hand! =)

Why not... every body is so beautiful. i am not talking sexual either.

I have never let anyone see me with out cloths on and i doubt i am going to start.

LMAO, I knew you would pick up on the bowling darling.

That's exactly how I pictured our date together FG, EXCEPT.....I can't let a lady beat me in bowling. I'm sorry, you're not dating Obama here. (he can't bowl)

Why not? I sleep naked myself but I run around the house naked all the time.

also i am naked so i probably wont chase after you...

LOL run jaycee run...

I can't be held accountable for my actions when in rage from being woken up! Chances are my brain is not awake and i am not aware of what i am doing. Or what other people are saying. So best advice is to run i am strong not fast...

Ok I made a note on your profile, "do not wake up hibernating aronin until summer." lol

My sleep schedule sucks. go a couple of weeks on 5-6 hours of sleep then the next couple of weeks i get 12-13 hours of sleep. Then sometimes i stay up for 72 hours.... If the great Arorin is in bed disturbing me is not a wise thing to do. Waking me up early sets me off. Not many people can calm me down when i am set off.

Awww Dream Demon, that sounds nice too.<br />
<br />
Aronin, Now we might stay in bed for 13 hours but if fungirl is in bed that long she is either sick, getting some action, or somebody is getting kicked out of bed.

I think i would stay in bed and sleep for 13 hours. That sounds pretty enjoyable.

that really is pretty, but I would be taking miss Valentine to yosemite :)