Ah Romance

i would pick you up reasonably close to on time. as we walked to my piece of crap car i remember the passenger seat is covered with junk so i rush ahead to clear it off. when i finish i reach across and push the door open for her. dinner would be nothing fancy. my fav restaurant Tonys where they have a really good italian steak sandwich and the best onion rings in town. afterwards i would take her back to her hotel and drop her off and i would go home

ihaveanameitsrick ihaveanameitsrick
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they are absolutely the best i have ever found!!!

'tis my goal in life to make others smile :-)

Well just think about it; that small amount of sadness in your life brought a great deal of happiness to many more.<br />
<br />
SO I would say it was for the greater good.<br />
<br />
Ah, IhaveanameitsRick: A martyr for us all.<br />
<br />
(she says before she bursts out laughing again).

glad my being pepper sprayed and raped in jail makes everyone so happy LOL

LOL, Rick... look at it this way, at lest you did get some lovin' and made a special friend.<br />
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It could have been worse...<br />
<br />
(AA, who is still LOL at the amended ending)

sounds like i may have to get you to michigan for a date SP LOL

nah i'm just a realist and i know how my luck works LOL

my getting pepper sprayed and molested in jail makes you laugh??? LOL<br />
<br />
at one time i was trying to plan a party for all my EP friends and could only get a few to agree to come to that so i don't think a one-on-one date with anyone i met here is even a remote possibility :-)

well rick another way to look at it ..at least u got some from Bubba and didn't have to pay for another meal..

Haha! Rick! This is hillarious! Well you certainly wouldnt forget that date in a hurry! Lol!

ok here's an update......she kisses me on the cheek i turn my head slightly and catch the kiss with my lips i pull her into a passionate embrace.....she pushes me away and uses her pepper spray on me, runs to her room calls 911 and i end the night in jail on suspicion of sexual assault. which i am eventually cleared of all charges but not before Bubba makes me his "special" friend

If she's giving out pecks on the cheek, it's mere inches to her mouth...make your move!...SS

$25 dollar dates don't generally get a guy like me invited into a room LOL if i was real lucky i might get a peck on the cheek

Some of us just LOVE onion rings...and would do almost anything to repay the opportunity to have tasted the best in town!...SS

nah i'd have to be invited and lets face it after a date like that.....not very likely