Slow Train to Now Where

We set aboard the Royal Scotsman in late July, the summer sky never darkens  . We pass through the rugged landscape of the west  coast of Scotland . The glens were a cloak of purple from the heather ...... The waters of the deep lochs we pass are still.... reflecting a mirror image of the mountains and forests ..After passing over the Glenfinnan aqueduct we see from our window the islands of Eigg Muck and Rum in the distance then  arriving at   Mallaig a short walk and we are at the beach ...... we lye on the white sand  looking up  at the stars while sipping champagne and fresh oysters fresh from the  bay .........

Who wants to come ...... ?  : )

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Frito hop aboard .....<br />
<br />
Cg ..... The west coast line has some magical views , and a few surprising stations , a la Harry Potter :o)

Hi, back for ride...hope I'm not too late...hey everybody lets stop planning a road trip for now....train sounds great and no driving.

Hello their Botable .... hows it going , that man of yours <br />
behaving himself I hope ...... :o)

This sounds breathtaking. Sleep deprived and yearning to be there

Indeed Dc let the train take the strain ... Plenty of castles with a history each to their own on this trip... :o)

Your most welcome pix .... better hurry its the Rockness<br />
music festival .... and then we can look for Nessie or the diamonds, onwards ladys to the moray firth to watch the Dolphins hunting the returning runs of salmon as they make there way to the mouth of the River Ness...<br />
A quick visit to Culloden and then the spey valley for the Whisky trail and dinner at the Queens hotel in Granton on Spey ... :)

Oh Boy! I'm there, boarding a plane now! :-)

The more the merrier ..... just a walk up the coast and we can have dinner at Eillean Dolan castle , the one used in Highlander , then a boat trip over to the black Cullins of Skye and Dunvegan castle .....

Oh so lovely...thank you salar...maybe others will join.<br />
So far 3 of us....any more?

All aboard the flying scotsman ......<br />
<br />
Breakfast of smoked kippers and scrambled eggs toast and tea ....<br />
<br />
Lunch ... Royal game soup , Venison with vegetables in season , or fresh scallops and salmon...<br />
<br />
Desert freshly Picked strawberries and cream ..... <br />
<br />
Something from the well stocked bar as we pass the Glenfinnan monument and raise a glass to sovereigns flag...

me me me!!! :-)

Thank you Frito <br />
<br />
Voted the most scenic view in the world ......

Salar, you like road trips too, only trains not cars. Sounds lovely.

all aboard ......

Hmm cruising the west coast of Scotland, sign me up!