I Love Dates!

I just love taking someone out on the town or treating them to something special. I've always been a fan of whisking someone off their feet. I want anyone and everyone I care for to at least have one evening or day they remember fondly. I try my best to remember things and do something thoughtful through the "date" even if it is with just friends.

I've taken some friends down to a secret spot on the beach where the moon rises just right. We could sit under the shelter wrapped in blankets and hang out. I've gone Irish pub hopping during cold nights where we'd talk and walk around until we were cold. Then we'd run in and make some fast friends, drink 'till we were warm and start again. I've gone to wineries, factories, dinner shows...art walks. It depends on the person though. What they are willing to experience that's new and what they would like to do. I've loved going to the aquarium and running around like kids. I've stargazed outdoors picking out constellations and planets while having sushi and wine. Or I've gone cosmic bowling with beer and nachos. I've taken someone to ballets, plays, symphonic concerts, jazz restaurants...even the good old dine in pizza place! OOOH! Or the 50's dinner, the drive in theater where you could just sit in your car and watch three different movies just by changing the radio station. I just love dates and the variety of things you can do...Most times I'm the creative director to a strange and unusual night out. I don't mind most of the times. But the funny part is when some asks to return the favor, I'd love to sit at home and watch movies. Ha ha!

Tekkamaki Tekkamaki
1 Response Feb 11, 2009

Citysky, I'm old fashioned. Want to go on a few dates first? Or we could just elope! <br />
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