I Already Asked

And she said no. She refused to settle for just one night. She wants many, many nights. Maybe a lifetime of them. But if she cannot have

that, then none at all.

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i'd be willing to bet that even a year down the road, she feels the same way about you also. good to know that some things, and feelings, don't change.

I want her more than ever. In the year that has passed she has shared more and more with me, only becoming a closer and dearer friend. I would beg for the chance, even if it was just for one day, to be her lover and companion.

you wrote this almost a year ago. still feel the same as you did then? or has the novelity worn off with time?

Well, I think this woman, uh, whoever she is, would like that. I know I would!

oh behave!! lol

And with the ice already broken it would be so much easier to get her to raise her hips so I can slip off her panties! He! He!

ya think? i doubt seriously that she'd use you then toss you aside. with the kind of date you're talking about, i don't know many women that would want that once. i do think it could and would be if you two weren't so far apart. i think making that connection first, getting to know one another could go a long way in how things would be if you were to meet face to face.

It goes both ways. But with some maturity and the understanding that no one's perfect, along with the affection and desire We've expressed online, don't you think if the miles weren't an issue it could be?<br />
Many people start off with less. A casual meeting in the grocery store, meeting someone different at a friends Christmas party? Here we have at least some connection, an understanding of a persons history, fears and desires first.<br />
<br />
Besides, this thread is about a one night thing. And the real me might be a disappointment. Maybe she'd just use me for her carnel desires for one night and then cast me aside!

well if you like what you "see" here, then maybe things will be ok if you meet in person. some things migh not meet your expectations but if you like the person, it's a good start.

The real person is much more complicated than what we share on here. More to their lives, work, family. All the complications of being alive that maybe we leave out, escape from here. I think there are probably some things in both of our fantasies that may fall short in reality. And there would be other things that exceeded our dreams. <br />
But if she's even mostly like the girl I know here, I know she's special.She's let me in. Let me know some of the private, personal parts of her. And I like what I see.<br />
Would reality be different? Of course. And I hope she would still like me. The rest we would have to decide together, don't you think?

maybe one day you'll find out first hand. but how will you handle it if the reality doesn't live up to the fantasy?

I'll bet she feels wonderful.

yes, i can understand that feeling. i'll bet she feels the same way.

I know what you mean. Maybe. Who really knows for sure? That's why I wish I had at least that one day. Let her really meet me, even if I'm temporarily on my best behavior!LOL! And me her. Maybe it's a dream, maybe not. But it feels like something I wish I could take further and find out, you know?

is she really all that? maybe you just have an infatuation with her? i think that happens all the time on the internet. sometimes we get wrapped up in the fantasy of it all, you know?

I think so. That she seems to enjoy my company as much as I do hers is very special to me. I've often told her I would only ask of her what she was able to give, and she gives me so much. Oh my.

she's probably wishing you were closer too.

I don't know. To really be with her would take major changes in my life. Believe me, I've thought about it. I wish she wasn't so far. So we really could meet off EP and be sure.

so where do you think things will go from here? what do u see happening?

I hope she thinks so. I think she knows. And believe me, she's gone way past "interesting" to me.

she sounds lucky to have a man like you interested in her.

But with the right woman I know every bit of that effort would be worth it, and I think very well rewarded. She's the kind of woman a man has to earn, and never take for granted.

respect, passion and lust sounds like a good combination. if there were more men like you i think there would be less women with broken hearts. i think you're dead on with your approach. when you've been hurt, and i have, a man is going to need to be patient and willing to put some effort into gaining her trust.

I think she's very special, you know. And I know she's been hurt in the past. That it's been a very long time since she's trusted a man into her life.I think I'd want to work extra hard to show her respect for her trust, and for letting me touch her heart and her body. Respect with a healthy dose of passion and lust!

oh and could you blame her for wanting more than one day or night of that?

lol. sofa, kitchen, table and floor? you sure have alot of staminia! seriously though, the kind of day you'd like to spend with her sounds so romantic and sexy; i think any woman would go for that. especially your special woman. she'd be a fool not to. and i think you'd definitely get invited in for coffee at the end of the day.

I'd take her on the sofa , take her in the kitchen, take her on her dinner table, take her on the floor,...............<br />
<br />
Oh, that's not what you meant, was it?<br />
<br />
<br />
She's so far away and I don't know her town real well, so I hope she could help me. It kind of depends on when the day started. I hope I could have the whole day, meet her at her home with those roses. After so much time on EP I would really like to spend an afternoon getting to know her better. Talking, holding hands, perhaps a few tentative kisses. Maybe a museum, a walk in the park, strolling downtown to see the sights and stop for coffee? I would be entering her world, need her help. I'm sure eventually we would want to share dinner someplace. I'm so nervous, I want everything to be so perfect for her. I don't even know for sure what kind of food she likes! Wait. Did she tell me Chinese and Mexican? I don't care where we go, as long as I have this day with her. I hope someplace nice where we can enjoy each others company, share some wine and each others dreams and desires. A long slow meal where I can enjoy her as much as the food.<br />
<br />
I know eventually I would have to return her to her home. I hope after a wonderful romantic day. Will she ask me inside? Offer me coffee while thinking something else? I desperately hope so.

most women can't resist a man bearing roses. maybe if you told her where you'd like to take her, that would motivate her.

True. I think if I showed up on her doorstep, roses in hand, that she wouldn't turn me away. I do want her so.

maybe she'll change her mind. maybe if you work on it a bit more, she'll come around.

Anyplace she desired, and especially into my arms.

where would you have taken her?