The Beach

The first place we would go would be Hippie Hollow in Austin, TX. I get nervous and shy when I'm around people with clothes on. Most of my faves would have no problem being naked around people, and I'm sure you all want to see me live and in the flesh.

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I am honest man, i am principled, loving caring and I know how to treat a lady for whom they are. I love transparency. I am here because I am looking for a serious relationship that can lead to marriage. I need a woman who is understanding, caring, romantic and loving. She may not be charmingly beautiful, but attitudes and character and being industrious describes a good example of a perfect lady.

bowflexguy - By all means. Just type -31.975, 115.755 into Google and click on "Maps" - then "Satellite". If you zoom in to the maximum, you can actually see naked people on the nude beach. I can see naked couples in the bushes in the dunes, to the West of the Helipad - but they appear as washed out images. Whether it's because the pic was taken on a very bright midday (as it appears it may have been) - or whether Google Maps has been indulging in some "Photoshopping", is anyones guess. Those dunes are a hotbed of raw sex and group sex - bring your horny gal, or better still, a couple of horny gals - when you roll up ....... ;-)

Not Texan either, but I've heard great things about Hippie Hollow for years.

I would take you to our nude beach. Lots of warm sun, beautiful white sand, miles of natural beauty, and bluey-green water that is so clean, it would amaze you. <br />
Lots of naked people - or deserted sections further along, with very few people. You can frolic naked 24hrs a days with no hassles, no police, and not a worry in the world. <br />
One of my favorite moves is to wander the beach at midnight on really hot moonlight or partly moonlight nights. There are generally a surprising amount of couples getting their rocks off, totally naked, totally uninhibited, on nights like that. I just love it. I think I'll go down there tonight, or tomorrow night - the temperatures aren't going to go below 22°C all night.

I'm not a Texan, but I've been there. Very cool!