Lost My Room Mate Of 16 Years.

I don't know why but just days before my room mate passed and never recoverd, something in my head said I will be loosing him soon. I heard it 3 times within 5 days. I did nothing different. But the last day when I came home from work, he just looked tired. His body a bit bloated.  I asked if he wanted to go to the doctor he said no. He felt fine. I noticed his breathing was shalow. I should have rushed him to the hospital then but I took his word. He told me he fell earlier in the day. I fixed dinner and said we are ready to eat. He stayed in his bedroom. Later, he asked me for a glass of water. That was the last I saw him alive. He collapst, went into a comma and that was it.  He passed 4 days before his Birthday which would have been April 16th. Would have been 48 yrs old.

I hope he is with God and his Angel. He loved to collect angels.  We often talked about them.  I don't have closing yet and this experience has crushed me. I have to learn to be strong and just keep going. I know we will be together again. The Bible says so.  I guess we don't see the whole picture like GOD can. I'll miss him. I got down on my knees and thanked GOD for giving me a wonderful friend as William.  My friends and I will never forget him.
clipper74737 clipper74737
May 6, 2012