Just Call Me Sweet Charity

You Are Charity

Some people give until it hurts. You give until you don't have much to left to give... and then you give some more.

You believe that you were put on this earth to help people. And you do your best to make a difference in as many lives as possible.

You believe in people, and you see the good in everyone. You think that every single person and creature deserves help.

You don't expect anything for the time and resources you give to others. Giving is its own reward.

softkitti softkitti
22-25, F
4 Responses Mar 8, 2010

thank you LV ...your a little piece of heaven yourself sweetie ;-P

Sounds great, such a heavenly virtue

*giggles runs and hugs MM* ... yes isn't it wolf ...I couldn't believe it when I got the result .... ahhh the scientist at EP knew what they were doing when they made these scientific surveys no?

Omg....Its 100% true....I am liking these surveys which are spot on!! Its like you telling about yourself rite??Unbelievable