Wwii Holocaust

Far worst. It's idealism was the extermination of an entire race without preservtion.

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I will stand by the left hand of my Goddess...DD

I will talk about u in a good light.. Old friend- if u go first - wait for me. We will do battle together.

Nazis WANTED to exterminate the Jewish people but were stopped.

The Christians, starting with the Catholic and spreading throughout regions controlled by

Protestants searched out using the “Hammer for Witches” did in fact, over a period of 500 years, ANNIHILATE Wiccan and there Holy worship of Our Mother Goddess Earth, in all Her aspects.

No sacred sites were left intact. Often Christians built there churches on top of the sites Holy to Wiccan. The Holy days of Wiccan were claimed to be holidays for Christians. Ha! Many Christians even go to there box churches and pray on the Day of the Sun!

I can’t go on. I am very ill and in pain but imagine a world that still had Priestess who worshiped our Mother Earth, Mother Nature.

Come “Armageddon” one of the first things “Christians” will know is the true story of the horror of the Inquisition and the blaspheme the Catholics committed by throwing out the book of Mary along with all other words that hailed the status of women by Christ during the Council of Nicaea 325 AD.

When I die I pray to stand by the left hand of my Dark Goddess. I and my blade…DD