You Are Doc

If you're not already a doctor, you should probably be one. You are a total brainiac.

You are extremely intellectual, and sometimes you find it hard to relate to other people because of it.

You're just on a completely different wavelength than everyone else. You are lost in your collection of facts and ideas.

Even though you make everyone around you feel a bit dumber, they like having you around. Your wisdom is always appreciated.



I am not a doctor , so I should be one heheheee :)

listenup listenup
26-30, M
8 Responses Feb 23, 2010

thanks Lena :)

not a doctor maybe lol :)

Yes I know lol and i can notice your smart face with the glasses as well :p

oh yes!! I won the noble prize, u know? the ocean's noble prize LOL

too genius lol

LOL you know i am genius LOL

lol ... I couldn't understand the all test ... thanks you made me to understand it lol

LOL apart from the doc part .. the quiz is somewhat right LOL <br />
but u never make me feel dumber.