I Know,i Know!

He is from the sun,becouse is shinny!:PAnd is radioactive,that's why we love him!:)

PhedoRuka PhedoRuka
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17 Responses Aug 1, 2009

then I'll kiss you twice to be more clever than I look *kiss kiss and a double hug*

Hehe that was clever!! *kiss*

I kiss you

Oi i miss you!!


Aw my beautiful beautiful moonlight!

Sunshine's better :P *youre the best*

Nope moonlight's better you know...*hugs*

Realy?Thank you Floy~san*hugs*

Hehe that hair fall thing was for bublina, shes bubble ;) Wow your name is lucia, nice!!! That awesome actually! =D

Floy,I'm from sun too(my name, is Lucia ,that means light)so,hat's why my hair is on my head ...allways :)

well, thanks.. but it's growing fast, u see?

If i am from sun aint i hot? =P love ya too phedo and fg and snowy let bubbles hair fall though ;)

yes,he is shinning,but it is becouse of the radioactivity...:D Phedo loves you,Floy~san *hugs*

He is definitely a shining star!

He is a shining star of friendship.

oh... and i was wondering why my hair is dropping so much! FLOYD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :@