Split Smurf Personality?

Well, in the past I was most definitely Papa Smurf. Always kept a cool head and ready to tackle any situation that came my way. A leader, a helper, someone that others looked to for inspiration and advice. Confident and determined to look out for those around me.

Fast forward two years. Now, I am (I think his name is grouchy smurf) but he is the one that always says "I hate ____" fill in the blank. If smurfette says, "oh what a lovely day today" , grouchy would say, "I hate lovely days". lol That's me. I have gone from an optimist to a pessimist, hopeful to hopeless, positive to negative, social butterfly to isolated hermit, believer to skeptic, in just two short years.

Confession....I really liked being Papa Smurf better ;)
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2 Responses May 24, 2012

Thanks! I just found the website btw for taking the smurf personality quiz (i'm also a little slow) and I was right on....grouchy!

LOL I love it. I guess I would be Smurfette with a little bit of Brainy. Cure story btw. thanks for sharing it.