I've Done This Many Times

You need a source of carbs, and you need some sort of vitamins so

Cornflakes  and   Milk        or

Meusli  and  Orange Juice      or

Instant Noodles (curry flavour)  and  a squirt of lemon juice    or

Potatoes and Oranges   or

Bread   and   Apples


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13 Responses Mar 12, 2009

Lots of fresh warm protein every day from my b/f & my wife.That we share for all and anything else we can find. But as long as we had PROTEIN we would make it..

Black beans and rice!! We've been living on them all winter. They don't cost a lot and they fill you up real well. :-)

Enjoy! =/

raw carrots and coffee...sounds like the energizer bunny's diet...hmmm...I think brandy may be on to something here....

Write your own stories!! Nobody will find it here!

cake and cookies!!

What a bizarre combination! o.O<br />
hmm you could just put powdered skim milk in the coffee, no point running a refrigerator for a carton of milk.

For myself anyway, I could survive on just yogurt and granola if I had to.

It doesn't actually tell us how long we need to survive for.. I think it makes a difference, I was just thinking of when I had to buy food. I have only bought fish (tuna) in a can! I love fish though!<br />
Nice pick Mary. Basmati rice is my favourite. :)_

fish and rice would be my pick,,,mary

you're so logical what with actually caring to include vitamins...can't we just take a multi vitamin supplement ...thats not technically 'food' so we'd still be good to have whatever 2 other things we want...

I get apples from neighbours' trees, but they don't mind. Have to wait for Autumn for those,, but they keep really well, I have apples now that I picked in early October. Fruit is great! I like to grow stuff, tomatoes are nice.

Noodles and tomatoes is a great answer! Yes Tomatoes, in tins? Two months is a long time, i hope you had a little something else too. :/ When I was 16 my diet was terrible, margarine sandwiches. It only really improved when I started getting the food from the bins at the back of the shops instead of buying it. Buying it meant that I would just rely on noodles, cheap bread and tins of beans or tomatoes.