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You are a true nature girl!

I noticed that you can't really read what is on the picture, what it says is:  You are at complete balance of the world around you.  You are a natural beauty, inside and out.  You are a true daughter of Gaia, and she has blessed you.

I don't believe in Gods (plural) and Goddesses, but Gaia was a Greek Goddess of the Earth/Nature - in fact she was considered a Mother Goddess or Great Goddess (don't mind that! lol).  Her equivalent in the Roman Pantheon was Terra.

I would LIKE to be at complete balance of the world, but at this point in my life, balance seems a long way off.  As for the beauty part, I have a hard time seeing myself as beautiful inside and out, though I have been told to Shut Up and start believing that I am beautiful - lol.  I do think I am natural - in a this is me, I won't pretend to be someone else or to be something I am not - what you see, hear is what you get.  I try to be genuine and real in everything I do - so, I think that natural is a good word for me.  I am also fairly natural in how I present myself - I like to look nice, etc... but I have never worn a lot of make-up unless I am in some theatrical production and my clothes are understated but not simple - I hope that people look at me and think - classic.

Oh, well, just some added thoughts I was having after the insightful comment below.

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3 Responses Feb 27, 2009

this is wonderful thankyou for sharing with me!

I think that you have just helped me appreciate this more - thank you for your wonderful insight. I, too, don't follow goddesses and such but I did think it was a beautiful sentiment and now I know it is a little deeper than that!

Love this, I have had this particular Indian blessing poster on my computer for a while. It is inspiring and beautiful and gives one of the best respresentations of the solitude a woman goes through in contemplation of life, love and family...............although I don't personally follow any teachings of goddesses or guides such as Gaia, I respect the maturity of insight this brings.