You Take Yourself Seriously

You see yourself as a thoughtful and introspective person. You are very intelligent.

You think other people see you as friendly, happy, and charming. You tend to get along well with everyone.

You want to see yourself as tough and determined. You'd like to have nerves of steel.

You identify as an introverted and quiet person. It takes you a while to get to know people
kes36 kes36
22-25, F
1 Response May 25, 2012

What you are today is not who you will be tomorrow for life is an ever revolving cycle just like anger, love, hate, joy, are just sentiments... Sentiments always change for we are not always angry, or joyful. So love is the same people fall in and out of love a sentiment that changes with the perceptions of what we want or expect from the ob<x>ject of our affection. Yet the human heart is able to choose to love and forgive those who hurt us... While they remain oblivious to the pain they caused. I take life seriously because its so fragile but not so seriously that I can't laugh at my own blunders for all humans are created from the same mud hole fallible and prone to error and although I'm not as a creepy crawler, I am as all created creatures just trying to find my way on this long winding road called life.