A Few Good Men.. and Their Films

I love independent films, and some of them are so wonderfully acted but don't get the recognition they deserve because they don't have the finances to back them up.  Here's a few actors from them that I think deserve some recognition.

Joseph Gordon Levitt-  Most commonly known as Tommy from Third Rock From The Sun, Check him out in the movie Mysterious Skin

Steve Sandvoss- Model and actor, see him as a conflicted mormon discovering his sexuality in Latter days. 

John Cameron Mitchell- Multitalented Writer/Director/Singer/actor...  Most known for his turn in Hedwig and the Angry Inch an amazing Rock Musical about a man who gives up everything including his *manhood* for love and the search for his "Other Half" 

*DISCLAIMER*  By Coincidence, these movies all do have "Gay" themes to them,  Do NOT watch if you have problems with Homosexuality or sexual situations.  But beyond the homosexual themes there are amazing meanings to these films and they are worth watching for anyone that has an open mind.   Latter Days and Mysterious Skin also have intense scenes in them, they are not for everybody but for those that are open minded and like movies that are thought provoking and deep, I fully recommend them.

BlasphemousAngel BlasphemousAngel
31-35, M
Jun 2, 2009