Power Kick

I've have recently been harassed by a "well respected member" of Ep This person has listed themselves as a "professional" has just been through a divorce and apparently has had trouble with an on-line relationship in the past and I guess they feel it's "their responsibility" to chase people off that this person deems "unacceptable". As a matter of fact this person tried to chase me off the very first time I logged onto Ep and joined and tried to post one of my stories. I guess the subject matter didn't sit very well with them. My opinion is that this person is sick and bitter over their past and so this person just stalks and bullies any person they believe is "mentally ill" when it really is none of their business. I came peacefully to post some of my life experiences and not to troll for any unsavory agenda.

I've seen a lot of power abuse on Ep by a few "respected members" which was absolutely sickening including, power plays to "kick sick members" off here and avatar violations on groups. It's a pretty messed up situation imo and it just shows how much a lot of people can be a$$holes on this site. Let's stop the bullsh!t.
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1 Response Jan 16, 2013

Screen print all communications and emails between yourself and anyone harassing you, using the directions I have provided on the main page of this group. Once you have a permanent screen print, copy and paste, and email to EP customer support documenting the violation in clear, emotionless language.

Sexual harassment is illegal in the United States over the internet, as is racial and religious harassment.