No One

No one would ever dream of holding me;they are all too busy belittling me for what they think is my part in creating the **** hole that is my life 

No one would ever think to try and hold me they are too busy telling me to stop whining suck it up and deal what a complainer i am what a wimp or that i don't know the meaning of hardship or what are you gunna do about it 

Hold me, no people would rather kill me or encase me in duck tape anything to shut me up anything so they don't have to listen anything so they  don't have to deal- hey try living with anything

Then their are the Friends who have so much **** going on in their own lives they get the pass they so rightly deserve but still all i end up is hurting and ALONE with everything

There are the ones who can't stay around long enough for chit chat never mind anything deep never mind anything that would have to hold their attention

No one sees that need or sees it in me everyone says reach out but all my fingers find is cold all my heart finds is darkness all i find is cruelty and pain

No the answer is no- no one will hold me because no one knows the power of a hug particularly with me no one knows the power of having a shoulder to cry on no one knows the power of what it is to have the world soothed away by someone who loves you, a friend who cares

Like today all i needed was a hug was  someone to hold me




tulick tulick
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well as long as you get it

"again i find myself asking why people comment that cant realte "<br />
*sigh<br />
<br />
no kidding

no kidding


How does one call themselves "concernedobserver" but sit in judgement of someone else.<br />
<br />
There is no one pill that cures all, PhysicalWreck called it, T has every right to vent here and let it out, even be critical of EP itself - who cares.<br />
We all need to find our own way, and tulick is right, you can't always do it alone. A person does need someone else every once in a while

i do not cut myself and i would belive you if you hadn't left the same message on 16 at least of my stories <br />
<br />
and i have just as much right to be here as anyone just because you don't like it doesn't mean i should go <br />
<br />
just because i'm not all happy happy joy joy doesn't mean i don't belong here

may someone choke you with it

that zen junk is so not the point though <br />
<br />
my life will never be what i wish it was no matter what i do

I enjoyed the zen bullshit. It is a way of transforming yourself into someone that others want to tie up their lives with. What you describe is how everyone feels. We all want those things, including the people that you wish were there for you. There is a cliche that talks about when times are bad everyone disappears. Few people have a equal amount of give and take within them. There is vast islands of need within our lonely world that finding someone that can give to those that need so much, is a rarity. I find that when I am there for others my personal needs are met without much thought. HUGS Tulick I truly hope that your life will become what you wish for it to be in your mind.


(((((((((((((((GREAT BIG HUG)))))))))))))))))

zen bullshit

thanks <br />
<br />
but you see that idiots comments

have fun in your idiot zen bubble and when the would comes crashing down on you and itr will my you find yourself totally alone and may it dirve you mad <br />
<br />
oh and check out my story in i am positng an open letter to all who judge me <br />
<br />
you dever that 1,000 fold

Yes, I understand that it would be nice if someone were there with you to back you up.... Well, tulick, I hope it happens for you. I read your most recent blog, and see you do have an unfortunate situation to deal with.<br />
I apologise for "adding fuel to your fire"...<br />
<br />

i know you would <br />
<br />
<br />
but you see the comments...

i am perfectly in touch with my real self and know who i am and whatever else it is you are implying that i lack <br />
<br />
but that doesn't keep anyone from needing support needing a simple hug needing to be held and it doesn't mean that people can go through everything in life alone anyone who says they can is LYING <br />
<br />
and even if they have they wish someone had been there for them

Well, then - my point was, that people look outside themselves for their support; but if they would find their Real Selves that are inside themselves and learn to rely on that, they wouldn't feel alone, and wouldn't have to rely on others to support them - because others aren't there always. But your Real Self ALWAYS is.

the POINT is people can't do everything ALONE ALL THE TIME <br />
<br />
it has nothing to do with finding some center ofw self or center of peace within themseves or whatever zen BS you think but about human beings NEED support we are social animals period

Well, tulick, I wrote my thoughts and feelings that I had upon reading your post... Could you then explain clearly and concisely, what IS the point, please?

Waiwera you completely missed the point

Dear tulick... I acknowledge that it must feel really bad to feel like what you describe... I would hold you close to my heart if I could... just to see you smile and be at peace.<br />
<br />
But eventually you would find, I think, that if you could not generate that feeling of peace within yourself, that it would soon pass if I were not present. So to get a permanent ability to be peaceful and at ease, it is necessary to find that centre within oneself that is the true source of your life - that which at core is the Real You, which is one with all Life.<br />
<br />
I know that a heart that aches for some surcease of pain and loneliness must find it really depressing, when nothing seems to work for you, and all your fellow beings pass you by...<br />
<br />
{{{{HUGS}}}}, tulick; and may you find the centre and the peace of mind and feelings that you seek. After all, as the Mayans say, "You are another myself"; I would love to be able to help in lightening your problems. Once, months ago, you said (to the effect) that I couldn't help you, and wouldn't want to know you anyway; that is an attitude which, if it could be turned around, might lead to freedom from this bind you find yourself in. That attitude is probably based in past experience, and is attracting more of the same - its projecting into your future, which is why it keeps on. Once that link from the Past is broken, and the Present with all its wonderful potential is embraced, you might find a tremendous change; and that would lift your spirits out of the despondency you find yourself in, and enable to generate some good times for yourself. Are you willing to give it a try?<br />
<br />
Sincerely,<br />

{{{{{{{{{{{{ Tulick }}}}}}}}}}}} <br />
<br />
This is a belated hug for you. I wish it could be a real one. Life can certainly abandon and ignore people. It will always hurt when it does. I am sorry that you are surrounded by so many insensitive and callous people. I'm sorry that Life is not responding to your most reasonable pleas... It sucks.