What The Big Deal Guys?

We are women. We have our  Menstruation. No big deal. Deal with it.

mother1983 mother1983
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7 Responses Mar 18, 2010

To tell the truth, I still am dealing with the reality that women ****. Someone said that women are a temple built over a sewer, a formulation which can be applied to either sex, but, for men, reflects a certain attitude of reverence to women that women don't necessarily share between themselves.<br />
<br />
There is a southern woman writer whose name escapes me at the moment who says that southern men put women on a pedestal and then use the pedestal as a foot stool. Dealing with women is not necessarily the long suit of the male of the species.

Ha! Your honesty is refreshing. I enjoyed reading your answer... :-)

i have no problems with what so ever :) ,just take a big towel & put it up under her & lickkk awayyyy :) lol & as for the tampons what kind do i need to pick up ??lol


not only do I deal with it, I look forward to it!


From a man's viewpoint, I've never been squeamish about it. I'm not afraid to talk about it. It's a normal female bodily function and none of us would be here without it.<br />
Having lived in a household of three women; wife and two daughters, it was a known fact that women menstruate.<br />
When it came to making love to my wife, my attitude was always: "Damn the tampons. Full speed ahead."